Hollywood Burlesque Fest Red and Sparkling Wine 2 pack


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Just like the smooth full bodied taste of a delicious red wine the Hollywood Burlesque Festival celebrates the art of Seduction. Teasing each tastebud and lighting up your senses The Hollywood Burlesque Festival showcases the best in burlesque regardless of the antiquated beauty standards of the past. Our performers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, abilities and backgrounds each bringing their unique style and skill to the stage then flowing together and delighting audiences. Now own the bottle!

The Red Wine is a full-bodied Malbec bursting with red and black fruit flavors, smooth tannins and a great finish.

The Sparkling is Full-bodied and fruity. Pinot Meunier lends a distinct red fruit flavor and freshness, while the Pinot Noir grapes give it more citrusy notes. The wine is elegant with tasting notes of apple, lemon, and honey.

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